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our process.

Ensuring project success for every custom software endeavor is at the core of our battle-tested, 4-phase process.

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Phase 1


In the Strategy phase, our goal is to ensure that the proposed software solutions effectively address your company's actual business problems and facilitate scalability. We achieve this by thoroughly understanding your company, its processes, and its pain points, enabling us to define your business goals and determine the best path to achieve them.



  • Visual representation showcasing business goals, customers’ needs, and current business processes
  • Compiled and summarized results gathered from employee and customer interviews
  • Map outlining documented processes and identified areas of value generation and potential waste
  • Written roadmap detailing the necessary production and design requirements
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Phase 2


Equipped with a deeper understanding of the business goals, customer needs, and existing processes, the design phase can kick off from a strong foundation. This is where our team remaps your existing processes and creates a prototype based on the identified needs.

With each iteration, we set up an agile, continuous feedback loop that includes usability testing and feedback from stakeholders and users. We loop in our developers early on to ensure the designs proposed for your system are ideal from a technical perspective.



  • Revised workflow map
  • Low-fidelity prototype
  • Usability tests and results
  • High-fidelity, branded design
  • Engineering estimates and development roadmap
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Phase 3

develop &

Our agile approach to development and implementation includes collaborative roadmap planning, automated testing, QA of code and functionality, and release of your approved software. The developers work under a DevOps model, utilizing automation processes as much as possible and collaborating across development and implementation in order to ensure the fastest possible deployment.

As features pass our rigorous process, stakeholders can monitor progress in real-time and approve release candidates. This puts you in full control of your project, priorities, and decisions.



  • Continuous, automated testing for quality assurance
  • Fully-built software via our automated pipeline
  • Access to monitoring tools and alerts
  • Your product in the hands of your users
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Phase 4


For many software solutions, the first implementation is just the beginning. If your project has gone through our first three phases, your system is already primed for new integrations as needed. Say goodbye to the frustrations of innovation difficulties or sluggish performance resulting from a poorly built code base when you choose our process.

Enterprise Software solutions often need to evolve alongside company growth, accommodating new teams, departments, and processes driven by increased revenue. Similarly, SaaS products may experience rising popularity and user demands for additional features. To stay competitive in a growing industry, your SaaS solution may require expanding capabilities or launching on new platforms, such as adding Android to an existing iOS presence. By reevaluating the customer journeys and product roadmaps developed in phases 1-3, we can uncover further enhancements and optimizations for your software.

While some companies may possess internal capabilities to handle new integrations, we are readily available to provide assistance during this phase if desired or needed.


  • Additional integrations
  • Additional features
  • Expansion of customer base
  • Launch on another platform
  • New monetization strategies
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Our process drives results. Review the impact our clients have experienced.

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AlarisHealth & Fitness Club Software


Alaris reduced the time spent on admin support tasks by 90% and the number of support requests by 85% with custom cloud-based software.

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