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Our developers and engineers have an extensive range of capabilities they employ to bring digital products from concept to reality.

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mobile apps.

Native Applications

Native is the optimal approach to application development. Major operating systems (iOS, Android) provide rich toolsets and specific approaches to user interfaces and user experience design. Following these approaches gives users an intended experience when using native apps and brings a level of familiarity to something they have otherwise not used before. We have extensive experience writing native applications on many platforms.


We are experienced in writing programs for Android using Java, the classic language for writing programs for Android, and Kotlin, generally considered the modern language for writing Android applications. We are also experts in designing interfaces for material design.

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Experts on our team write applications using Swift and UIKit, which is the battle-tested approach for developing great iOS apps, but at times develop apps in SwiftUI. We are also fluent in Objective-C, the commonly used language for iOS development before Swift entered the scene. Our design interfaces are in accordance with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

Logos: Swift, Swift UI, UI Kit

The Smyth Group has been an outstanding partner in amplifying our mobile application capabilities and services.

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A laptop showing the Alaris web-based app, a cross-platform tool built in Flutter.

Cross-Platform Applications

At times, a cross-platform approach might be chosen over a native approach to help teams write software that can run on multiple operating systems. We use Flutter as our cross-platform tool of choice, since the experience it offers can achieve close to native performance and experience. We also have experience with Electron.js, Ionic Framework, and Apache Cordova.

Icons: Flutter, Electron, Iconic, Apache Cordova

Frontend Development

Web interfaces that perform smoothly are a key factor in keeping users engaged and active on web applications and websites. We write and maintain applications using frameworks that are foremost in the industry: React, Angular, Vue.js.

Our team are experts in properly authoring HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and prefer to leverage tooling to elevate our efficiency such as TypeScript, SCSS, and Tailwind.css.

Icons: Angular, React, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Typescript, TailwindCSS, Sass

Backend Development

We offer expertise developing API-driven applications with a variety of tools: .NET Core, ASP.NET, Laravel and other PHP frameworks, Node.js and Nest.js.
We have database engineers who specialize in building efficient and cost-effective data persistence layers that scale to support high volume traffic with technologies such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others.

We also build containerized applications as well as containerizing existing applications.

Icons: NET Core, ASP.Net, Laravel, NodeJS, NestJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL
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operations & devops.

Serverless Applications

Our serverless computing experts work with building AWS-native applications with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, and Elasticsearch. As a security-conscious team, we can also globalize and lock down virtual networks that act as the foundation for your apps targeted to your regional markets.

Icons: Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Amazon API Gateway

CD/CI Pipelines

We develop software deployment automation using GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Azure DevOps, as well as some other, older tools on an as-needed basis.

Icons: Azure DevOps, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions


Our team is capable of deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using EKS (including Windows nodes), and managing ECS clusters and Fargate workloads. We build the software infrastructure for our products from the ground up using Terraform, and our infrastructure is managed by automation pipelines. We can also migrate existing cloud based infrastructure into IaC.

Icons: Amazon ECS, Terraform, EKS, AWS Fargate

Machine Learning

Our engineers have expertise building and training custom data models that help applications perform recognition of patterns from user-provided data. One tool we utilize that excels at natural language processing is spaCy—it allows users to leverage pre-trained models (or customize your own) to perform sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and other natural language based AI functions.

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3D cubes connected into 3 distinct shapes, all 3 of which interlock together.

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From growth-stage startups to large corporations, our talented team of experts create lasting results for even the toughest business problems by identifying root issues and strategizing practical solutions. We don’t just build—we engineer the optimal solution.

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