Screenshot of scammers website interface with the word "FAKE" stamped over it in big red letters

“Is this you?”—Scammers Pose as TSG Subsidiary

By The TSG Team • Published September 26, 2023

Scammers claiming to be affiliated with TSG are attempting to mislead people into investing money through fake job opportunities.

Have you recently received a message from a company seemingly connected to TSG? Are they offering something that sounds almost too good to be true? Maybe the job they’re offering is exactly what you’ve been looking for, or they promise a fast return on an investment with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, beginning in August 2023, some people in the UK have been receiving offers like the above from a company claiming to be affiliated with TSG. Some have been told their information was obtained from a recruitment agency or a national recruitment database, and some have also been directed to register with an online platform (see images below). Targeted people have been promised profits on their “investments” and some claim to have been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Please note: This company is not in any way related to TSG and is falsely attempting to impersonate our company. We do not operate any platforms outside of nor do we email anyone from any other domains. We also do not contact potential job candidates from numbers or offices outside of the USA.

We have been working closely with the FBI and FTC in the United States to resolve this issue. If this company reaches out to you, do not respond to them. They are committing fraud.

Their app and website interface:

Screenshot of scammers website

Mobile screenshots of scammers website

What to do if you’ve been affected

Immediately discontinue engaging with them. If you’ve been affected by these scammers, we encourage you to contact your local authorities and file a report at


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