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software mentoring & assessments.

Mentor one-on-one to meet the needs of the individual. Assess potential new-hires with an expert’s eye.

why mentor?

Is ChatGPT, YouTube and StackOverflow not cutting it? Mentoring by a senior developer or designer is likely a good solution.

Investing in your current team generally costs a lot less than bringing in new faces. Your crew already knows your brand, your services, or your product.  Helping them level up their skills through mentoring makes them even more valuable. Mentoring cuts down on waste, boosts productivity, and keeps work quality consistency. Additionally, it keeps your team happy, engaged, and less likely to leave. Take an active interest in your employees—mentor them to make them feel valued. After all, they're not just employees, they're individuals with potential to grow.

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why us?

We love helping others learn and grow.

Our diverse and experienced team of engineers and designers can facilitate the needed growth in your team. Mentoring allows one of our skilled professionals to pair with your team member to provide one-on-one personalized training or coaching to address their specific needs. This way, they're learning on the job, applying new skills directly to their current projects. So, not only does your team member pick up new skills, but your project gets a boost, too. It's a win-win!


A 90 minute, one-time session to solve a particular problem through mentoring with a senior engineer.

Learn more about Unstuck Sessions


4-12 hours per week (pricing dependent on availability and tech stack)


Dedicated resource for 40-80 hours per month (pricing dependent on availability and tech stack)

Ready to upskill your team member with a software development or design mentor?


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why assess?

Utilize experts to identify a quality candidate. Our team is your team.

Are you looking to hire a developer but aren’t sure how to assess their skill level or trust their claims? This can be a challenge in any industry, but in the software world, it can feel impossible for non-technical founders just starting their business to choose the right developers. We can help you make an informed decision, whether it’s by providing and assessing code tests or having one of our senior developers sit in on interviews.

  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Full-stack Developer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Native Application Developer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Senior-Level Engineer/Technical Team Lead
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See how we can help you assess developers in the pre-hire process.

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