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Providing key technology solutions to 300+ health and fitness clubs nationwide.



reduction in time spent on support tasks



reduction in overall support requests received




gained in new recurring business within 6 months of implementing a cloud-based version of their software

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Strategize, Design, Develop & Implement, Scale

We were impressed with their design-led approach and their in-depth knowledge of the best technologies to use.

Jeremy Kelstrom, CEO of Alaris
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the need.

Eliminate users’ frustrations with the software and decrease time spent on support.

Sometimes, a successful startup is almost too successful to keep up with consumer demand. This happened to Alaris, who—despite having an in-house development team—needed to outsource the development of some advanced features in order to meet the needs of their customers. Their team was stretched thin with projects and needed additional guidance on the newest technologies to utilize, as well as strategic direction on best UX practices to follow. 

The most pressing need was to build an online appointment reservation system for their clubs’ childcare programs. Their current software plug-in couldn’t integrate with their systems due to being a “post-only” event capture, and the system only allowed for one child to be registered at a time. This was a source of frustration for the parents, particularly for those with more than one child. Additionally, the tool didn’t allow for granular time slot variations between the clubs, so updates to each club’s tools would be manually done by Alaris, which was time consuming for their team. Finally their existing app was a native Android app alone, which created missed opportunities for health clubs that use Apple or other devices.

the approach.

Fix it quickly, then fix it for the long-term.

Meeting the needs of the customers and improving their experience as soon as possible was the highest priority for Alaris. We performed a Needs Analysis to compare their existing tools and capabilities with the capabilities of a better tool option or of a custom solution option. We also proposed our suggested custom cloud-based software solution and roadmap to completion. We determined that utilizing a better-suited, higher-value 3rd party tool and customizing additional add-ons would allow them to achieve a much faster temporary solution while the long-term, custom cloud-based software was being built.

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key insights.

Through the Strategize phase, we were able to identify that the customized software needed to focus on the following:

Plan for the long-term.

The custom solution for Alaris needed to be sustainable for any potential future additions they would make. Having the ability to add on and customize features and fulfill future client requests was essential for the scalability of the company.

Increase accessibility.

A major pain-point was that clients would often call Alaris to make changes to their club account, and this ate up a lot of the support staff’s valuable time. The clients needed to be able to easily make changes themselves—without needing to ask for support.

Eliminate tech debt.

The longer technical debt goes unfixed, the riskier adding on new features becomes. And since we already determined that long-term sustainability was essential for Alaris, we needed to roll up our sleeves and address the technical debt.

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the solution.

An intuitive reservation experience that makes scheduling gym time seamless.

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Collaborating with Alaris every step of the way, we took a two-prong approach to solving their needs. As a short-term solution, we created value for their customers quickly by building customized features on top of the more robust tool option. Simultaneously, we began building a fully custom cloud-based system that addressed all of their needs and provided long-term support.

A portal for the health club staff was created for them to review and edit customer reservations, as well as mark people as showing up vs. not showing up. This portal was built on a tech stack that will last and support new features as Alaris scales.

  • Reduced time spent on administrative support tasks by 90%

  • Reduced amount of support requests overall by 85%

    It’s now rare that the clubs’ staff need assistance from the Alaris support team to customize their clubs information or help with issues on the app.

  • Gained $50K recurring revenue from new customers within 1st year

    With the app being available on the web instead of solely on Android, Alaris acquired new business that they would ultimately have missed out on.

  • Annual savings of over $10k in labor costs

    The small wins count too.

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We were also impressed with their speed of delivery and the well organized code development which has set us up for scale and further improvements. The feedback from our customers, staff users, and member users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jeremy Kelstrom, CEO of Alaris
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more results.
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