Medstar Health

The Institute for Quality and Safety commissioned TSG to produce, an education tool for doctors and patients.

The Need

There are over eight million Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide who refuse blood transfusion on the basis of their faith, and millions more for whom transfusion is simply not an option. The scarcity of training materials and opportunities may limit the ability of physicians to provide quality care without the use of blood transfusion. Many health care providers are unaware that the tools and techniques of bloodless medicine and surgery exist, and are therefore at a loss when presented with a patient for whom blood transfusion is not an option.

The Approach

TSG met with members of the Medstar Institute for Quality and Safety (MIQS) at their headquarters in Washington DC. A one-week seminar was conducted to frame the problem and target a solution using a series of group exercises. By the end of the week, a proposed site map and wireframes we developed. In the months to come, TSG worked closely with MedStar’s internal brand team to create high-fidelity design templates for all sections of the site, while working with content developers to organize efforts to produce hundreds of pages of additional content. TSG’s engineers worked with MedStar’s IT department to produce a publishing platform that conformed to rigorous security and corporate standards.

The Solution

In under 5 months, a release candidate was developed for, a fully-featured, responsive web education tool. The site features free resources for both doctors and patients in bloodless surgery strategies, success stories, and contributed case reports from around the world.

The Smyth Group has been an outstanding partner in amplifying our mobile application capabilities and services.
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