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A floating phone with the Xcite app displayed, overlaying an image of cars in a dealership lot.

Xcite Automotive

This custom app combined and optimized the necessary features from two different third-party SaaS apps—as well as created features that were missing—to create an efficient marketing and logistics tool for dealerships.

  • 75% reduction in time spent uploading photos
  • ~1.5 hours savings per rep, per dealership, per day
  • 100% positive reception among new hires
Service Provided
Custom Android Enterprise/SaaS App
Automotive Logistics & Advertising
Process Phases
Strategize, Design, Develop & Implement, Scale
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A woman using a kiosk in a home improvement store.

National Retail Company

The custom software app saved their technicians time by 50% and the company approximately $1MM annually.

  • Savings of approximately $1MM annually
  • Drastic reduction in equipment costs
  • Significant reduction in technician servicing time and admin tasks
  • Nearly tenfold reduction in training time
Service Provided
Custom iOS Enterprise Application
Retail, Logistics
Process Phases
Strategize, Design
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Woman at the gym is using the Alaris app on her phone to set up an appointment for her child.


Alaris achieved a 90% reduction in time spent on admin support tasks with custom cloud-based software.

  • 90% reduction in time spent on admin support tasks
  • Support requests reduced overall by 85%
  • Gained 50K of new recurring business within 6 months
Service Provided
SaaS Development
Heath & Fitness, Software
Process Phases
Strategize, Design, Develop & Implement, Scale
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A floating phone displaying the Integrity Billing app overlaying an image of a hospital waiting room.

Integrity Billing

We engineered an intuitive, web-based portal that allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently obtain the information they need—instant verification of insurance benefits for patients needing treatment.

  • 36% average reduction in verification time
  • 49.1% decrease in their clients admin work
  • 92% decrease in process mistakes caused by human error
Service Provided
Saas Development
Process Phases
Strategize, Design, Develop & Implement, Scale
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A woman lounging by the pool orders a drink using the OUTO.ME app


Hotels and resorts nationwide experienced a 40% decrease in staffing needs and 107% increase in pool area sales when using the cloud-based OUTO.ME web app.

  • Sales doubled for food and beverage
  • 40% decrease in staffing needs
  • $10K in sales within 90 days with less staff
  • More tips for the staff
Service Provided
Custom SaaS Web Application
Software, Hospitality
Process Phases
Strategize, Design, Develop & Implement, Scale
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A hiker sports a stylish backpack, facing a setting sun dipping behind an imposing mountain range, made soft from the glow of the sunset.

Global Sportswear Brand

For this renowned sportswear brand, the Proof of Concept app tackled all C-suite concerns head-on, delivering flawless integration with their existing back-end system.

  • 5 front-end architecture solutions implemented into their existing web-based app
  • 100% of key management’s concerns about native app technology successfully addressed with solutions
Services Provided
Custom iOS Application\ Cross-Platform Application\ Team Workshops
Retail, Ecommerce
Process Phases
Strategize, Design, Develop & Implement
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the format.

The format of our case studies is informed by our core values, which we bring to each successful project.

The need.

We begin each new project by identifying our client’s needs. To do this, we must ask the right questions, be avid listeners, and avoid assumptions. Going beyond the stated goal and the problem the client initially presents, we also try to uncover hidden waste and identify overlooked opportunities.

The approach.

Instead of immediately suggesting and implementing a solution, we conduct a strategic analysis to determine the optimal method to achieve success. Our thorough research, interviews, and tests help us to either validate or discredit assumptions. In addition, we take a minimalist approach to our projects. This means we’re always looking for solutions that are elegant and yet no more complex (or costly!) than they need to be.

Key insights.

We openly and honestly communicate important discoveries from our strategy phase that will be applied to the solution. These may be concepts that were identified as important from the very beginning and were confirmed through testing and interviews, or things that were uncovered unexpectedly. Oftentimes, these uncovered insights are deemed to be vital to the success of the project.

The solution.

Our goal is not simply to build software—it is to help you achieve your business objectives. We will keep collaborating and communicating with you until we’ve reached the finish line together and the solution is in your hands. Our value is revealed when you uncover value such as measurable improvements or desired reductions in key areas.

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