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integrated ai solutions.

Turn your dormant data into a dynamic, integrated AI toolset for your business.

why integrate?

Why your business should have its own private AI tools.

Imagine an in-house expert available 24/7 to unearth valuable insights from your data landscape. Our custom AI toolset can revolutionize how your organization works, cutting through the noise to bring you actionable information. No more frantic managers searching through a maze of client documents and contracts or field technicians scouring manuals for specialized guidance. Our integrated ai solutions offer the speed and specificity you need to make well-informed decisions effortlessly.

Stop the search, start the work.

Time is money, and endless searches through dense documents drain both. Stop scrolling through pages of data, contracts, client agreements, or internal documentation. Just ask, and our custom AI tool will deliver the relevant information instantly—all pulled from your business’ data repository.

A businessman uses his company's AI tool to learn and educate himself.
privacy matters.

Confidentiality is non-negotiable.

At TSG, ensuring that your proprietary and sensitive information remains confidential is a cornerstone of our approach. We utilize tools like Azure, AWS, Vercel, and Pinecone; and LLMs like OpenAI and LLama 2, which allows us to limit the data exposure to just the essential context needed for accurate AI responses. This practice is cost-efficient and reinforces data security.

Moreover, it can be hosted in a private instance if you desire ultimate control. Essentially, you decide the degree to which your business data interacts with external processes. With us, maximizing the power of AI doesn’t mean compromising on data privacy. We don’t just offer a wrapper around an AI API; we deeply integrate with your internal systems, achieving a harmonious blend of functionality and security.

Real-World Integrated AI Applications

Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlining Administrative Workflows
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Staff Scheduling

Employee Enablement

  • Interactive Skill Development
  • Customized Learning and Training
  • Real-time Information Access from Company Resources

eCommerce and Customer Engagement

  • Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management
  • Content Automation for Product Listings
  • Enhanced Search and Recommendation Systems
ai benefits.

What can integrated ai do for your business? Think outside the (chat)box:

  • Streamline Content Turn massive PDF libraries into easily searchable content, saving everyone time and hassle.
  • Enhance Field Operations Equip your field staff with instant, context-specific guidance, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Boost Sales Expertise Arm your technical sales reps with real-time, accurate answers to challenging customer questions, bolstering credibility and trust.
  • Improve Internal Training Combat low engagement rates by making interactive and adaptive training programs
  • Automate eCommerce Updates Keep product descriptions on eCommerce platforms effortlessly up-to-date, enhancing accuracy and reducing manual workload.

Considering AI integration? Let us demo how a customized, securely-integrated AI can bring value to your business.

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