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technical auditing & diagnostics.

Systems audits and diagnostics will find and fix the skeletons in your software's code-base closet.

why audit?

Surface potential or existing problems in your code base with an audit.

Auditing your software isn’t just about finding problems—it’s about proactive management to protect your business from potentially irreversible impacts. Our technical due diligence process examines your software to identify hidden problems, areas for improvement, and potential security vulnerabilities.

For founders who have concerns about slow or infrequent deployments—or suspicions about developers falsifying reports or data—a third party audit can help get to the root of the issues. Not only does it bring peace of mind, but also identifies the best ways to recalibrate and get your software back on track.

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the SWaN audit.

Our Sleep Well at Night (SWaN) audit ensures your software’s security and operational efficiency.

This audit provides your business with a comprehensive defensive framework that anticipates and neutralizes potential security threats to your digital assets. With a strategic emphasis on modern threats and technology, we thoroughly examine your applications and systems to ensure they are resilient against disruptions and breaches. Our audit encompasses rigorous checks on encryption, access controls, code deployment, and the operational health of your infrastructure. We provide actionable insights and prioritized recommendations that will fortify your operations.

The Sleep Well at Night Audit


  • Sensitive Data Protection
  • Reduced Secret Usage
  • Need-to-Know Access Control
  • Active Security Monitoring
  • Secure Data Transmissions

Code Quality

  • Validated Application Inputs
  • Parameterized Database Queries
  • Version Control Integration
  • Enforced Code Review Standards
  • Automated CI Deployments


  • Automated System Monitoring
  • Data Safeguarding Practices
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Documented Recovery Plans

Ready to get some shut eye? After our SWaN audit, you'll be sleeping like a baby—confident that your software is safely operating at peak efficiency.

get expert answers.

Our engineers are equipped to analyze every aspect of your software system.

Because we engineer custom software from the ground-up, we understand the unique vulnerabilities software can have and the importance of cybersecurity. We’ve worked with many startups and have grown to understand and anticipate the unique needs and challenges that they often face when it comes to software and security. Our team has helped mitigate or repair many expensive and devastating fires on software and systems that could have been prevented by an audit. Conversely, we have seen the power of auditing and how it prevents costly issues down the line. In our experience, risking security for speed is just not worth it. This is why we engineer things the right way from the beginning, even if it means taking a little more time to get things right.

Curious about our SWaN audit? Fill out the form to download the comprehensive checklist of everything the SWaN audit will cover.

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Every custom software product we engineer goes through a rigorous auditing process to ensure the highest levels of security and efficiency.

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