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technical auditing & diagnostics.

Systems audits and diagnostics will find and fix the skeletons in your software's code-base closet.


Surface potential or existing problems in your code base with an audit.

As a preventative process, technical due diligence audits examine the code base to identify lurking problems—before you are even aware of them—and ensure that the software is secure and adheres to best practices. An audit aims to identify areas for improvement, issues that require fixing, and ways to prevent potential costly fires or breaches that would require a diagnostic. A system that passes our technical due-diligence audit will instill confidence in investors or potential buyers of a company.

When is the best time to get your software audited?

The best time to audit your software is unquestionably as soon as possible. Technical due diligence audits can catch potential issues in an early stage before they become costly fires that can potentially negatively impact your business—sometimes irreversibly. An audit can also help elevate the valuation of your business, increasing the chances of securing additional investors, funding, or even buyers. Conducting an audit also ensures compliance with government regulations, enhances the skills of your technical team, and addresses concerns related to potential hacking risks.

For founders who have concerns about slow or infrequent deployments—or suspicions about developers falsifying reports or data—a third party audit can help get to the root of the issues. Not only does it bring peace of mind, but also identifies the best ways to recalibrate and get your software back on track.

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Swiftly respond to problems through diagnostic repair or mitigation.

As a responsive process, diagnostics happen after an issue arises, such as a security breach or incompatibility with other software or systems. A diagnostic aims to find the root cause of the problem and identify the best way to repair or mitigate it. When an issue reaches the diagnostic stage, sometimes mitigation is all that you can do since some damage is simply irreversible.



  • Code Audit
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Cost Audit
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity


  • Code Diagnostic
  • Architecture & Systems Design Diagnostic
  • Security Diagnostic
  • Software Deployment/Delivery Process Diagnostic


  • Vulnerability Mitigation & Repair
  • Technical Training through Mentoring
  • Monitoring Systems Implementation
  • Pre-hire Developer Assessment
get answers.

Questions a technical audit or diagnostic answers:

  • Is the code efficient? Is the software coded to industry best practices?
  • How secure is the underlying system on which the code operates?
  • How stable and efficient is the system in relation to the code it supports?
  • What threats specific to your system exist, and how vulnerable is your system to them?
  • How susceptible is the system to hacking attempts?
  • Is other software your code relies on up to date? Does it contain its own vulnerability?
  • How is the code integrating with other systems, and how secure is the integration?
  • How secure is your team’s access to the system?
  • Should the system comply with any government requirements, and how well is it doing that? How closely does it comply?
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Need an audit or diagnostic for your software system?

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Every custom software product we engineer goes through a rigorous auditing process to ensure the highest levels of security and efficiency.

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