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Instilling confidence in non-technical founders with expert guidance for their digital products and teams.

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Strategic Software Consulting

Meet with expert software engineers to gain technical knowledge, validate or enhance your software strategy, and increase your software’s chances of success. Whether you’re a non-technical founder, a developer, or a CTO, we help empower your business decisions with collaborative insights.

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Team Workshops

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Is your team stuck in an infinite loop? Could they use new or enhanced skills? Or could your team benefit from a professional facilitator to help bridge process gaps when it comes to software? We have several workshops available to help address these needs.

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Software Mentoring and Assessments

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Personalized, one-on-one training with experienced software engineers or designers can benefit your team and enhance the quality of their work. Experience immediate results on your existing projects with mentoring.

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Unstuck the Developer

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Are you or one of the developers on your team stuck on an engineering problem? Our senior software engineers will roll up their sleeves and pair with you in realtime to review your code and identify the problem. If we can’t solve your problem, your money goes back in your pocket.

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