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A Non-Technical Guide to Assembling an Exceptional Software Team—Free Webinar

By The TSG Team • Published January 2, 2024

Looking to hire new software talent in 2024? Watch our free webinar to learn how to attract and identify ideal candidates and build a stellar team.

Learn how to master the art of evaluating designers and developers to assemble an exceptional team—even if you're not as technical as the people you need to hire.

Gain insights from the experts themselves. Our Design Coordinator, Aaron Kleid, and our Development Coordinator, Paul Bredenberg, will cover everything you need to know about how to hire the right people to grow your team. In addition, we’ll be interviewing four guest speakers (CEOs, CTOs, and Founders): Mathew Caldwell, Sergio Veltri, Raj Suchak, and Aaron Fry.

Our panelists will discuss how to:

  • Attract the type of talent you’re looking for and ensure culture fit
  • Identify stellar qualities to seek out when hiring candidates
  • Learn about the red flags to spot and avoid
  • Understand the differences between various types of designers, engineers, and developers
  • Efficiently build a technical team that meets all of your needs

Whether you’re a CIO, CTO, Director of IT, or any other hiring manager looking to onboard software talent, you’ll benefit from our insights.

Register now, where we’ll help you become confident interviewing technical resources and, more importantly, gauging their abilities.

How to Register

Simply fill out the form on this page to register and access the recording. A link will be sent to your email.

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