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Don't Spread Disaster—A Report on the Dangers of Spreadsheets

By The TSG Team • Published April 16, 2024

As useful and feature-packed as spreadsheets are, they often create dumpster fires for the businesses that rely on them. Our white paper covers seven deadly spreadsheet “sparks” that light these fires.

In our latest white paper, "Don't Spread Disaster," we explore the inherent risks and limitations of relying on spreadsheets for critical business operations. While spreadsheets are ubiquitous and familiar tools, their comfort can be deceptive, masking the dangers of errors, misuse, and security vulnerabilities that can escalate into severe repercussions for businesses.

Our white paper delves into common spreadsheet “sparks” that lead to disastrous fires:

  • Human Error: With an average of 88% of spreadsheets containing formula errors, the margin for human error is vast, often leading to costly mistakes and inefficiencies.
  • Misunderstanding Features: Advanced features in spreadsheets can lead to significant misunderstandings and misapplications, complicating rather than simplifying processes.
  • Technical and Security Limitations: Spreadsheets lack the robustness required for collaborative, secure data management, making them poor substitutes for databases and increasing the risk of data breaches and loss.

Extinguish the Flames with Custom Software

So what can businesses that heavily rely on spreadsheets do to avoid disaster? Download our white paper today to learn how custom software can extinguish all of the potential sparks that misuse of spreadsheets can create.

Watch as our CEO, Jamie Smyth, explains the risks involved with using spreadsheets beyond their intended purpose.

Part 1: Human Error

Part 2: Security

Download the White Paper

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