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A complete website overhaul to clearly define services and departments, improve UX, and highlight their brand values and internal team expertise. The qualitative goal: improve client relationships, elevate team trust, and increase brand authority.

Industry: Information Technology

The Need

The existing Terrapin website design and dev stack was outdated and static, which reflected poorly on the brand image, lowered the sales ability, and didn’t allow Terrapin to easily update their site themselves. It also did not clearly express their services, values, or brand positioning which confused potential clients. TSG was tasked to evaluate the website for these issues and fix them in a purposeful redesign.

Our Approach

Understand client needs through discovery—we start by listening.

Intake: Performing a series of stakeholder interviews and cross-department analyses helped us understand where the organization was at present and where they wanted to go. We also surveyed the employees, asking them for their in-the-trenches knowledge and thoughts as to what the website was missing and needed to convey. The intention was to decipher how their field expertise could be translated into brand authority.

Analysis: We organized the responses into categories, identifying patterns and commonalities between the themes. We identified large buckets that fit within About Terrapin, Services, and Support & Training. For each, we identified what the main action would be once a potential client interacted with this information. This provided a foundation to organize UI against (navigation, hierarchy, primary and secondary actions on a page). Organizing the content in this way also helped us to identify cross-sell opportunities between services.

Key Insights

Through the Discovery phase, we were able to identify that the website needed to focus on the following:

Clearly Defined Service

We identified four clear service buckets with specific services for each—Litigation & Legal Support, IT Consulting, Systems Installation, and Training/Application. To branch out into different sectors, we determined that organizing the content by industry was more effective for the client experience.

Elevate the Team

Many of the employees have been working at Terrapin for years—plus decades in the industry itself—and we saw the advantage in highlighting this level of expertise to clients. This meant featuring the team and their professional experience (as well as personal anecdotes for relatability) at key touchpoints throughout the site for greater visibility.

Cross-selling opportunities

Our analysis made it clear that there were multiple opportunities for cross-selling between services. This affected design decisions such as implementing a mega-menu and cross-linking between related or sequential services across the site. This led the user along a clear and informative path through the Terrapin experience.

The Constraints

Case studies: We recommended adding a case study for each service bucket so that potential clients could see how Terrapin helped solved specific problems in various industries, thus building brand authority. However, at the time of launch, there was a lack of available data. Once Terrapin produces more case studies, this component is available for use.

The Solution and ROI

A completely reimagined and redesigned website that addressed all issues with clear, functional solutions:

  • The custom CMS allows team members to add components when necessary and update their site with new content as needed.
  • Potential clients clearly understand Terrapin’s services, values, and brand positioning.
  • New site highlights team expertise and increases selling opportunities.
Their work is absolutely excellent — it's better then I expected.
Nathan Johnson
President, Terrapin Technology Group

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