We’ve been doing this for a while

The Smyth Group was formed by a group of volunteers working to coordinate relief efforts in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A passion for meaningful technology remains at the core of TSG culture.

The Smyth Group has been an outstanding partner in amplifying our mobile application capabilities and services.
Scot Klocke
IT Director of Sales & Marketing Applications
Columbia Sportswear Company

We’re reliable

In 15 years of business, we’ve never flaked on a client when challenges arose. Our role is specifically to do the heavy lifting, to get projects thru the hardest leg of the journey, and we’re well equipped to stand by our word and our commitments.

We’re local

Our clients have direct access to our distributed onshore team. We’re a practiced remote machine with excellent communication skills and accountability, augmenting your staff with all the most sought-after skills to make your product a success.

We’re real people

Our diverse team of designers and developers have specific experience in virtually every modern platform, language, and discipline. We’re committed to helping our clients' projects move from conception to launch on time and on budget.


Jamie Smyth CEO

Jamie used to be a programmer (sorta) and he realized that he's better off leaving the coding to the pros. He learned his lesson for making fun of Macs and now refuses to look at a non-retina display. Speaks English, French, Spanish.

Robert Sprecher General Manager

When not searching for weeds to pull in his non-existent New Mexico lawn, Robert can be found reading requirements documents and translating geekspeak for humans.

David Tyner Project Manager

David is too busy taking care of our clients to provide his bio. He lives in Florida, or so he tells us.

Japheth Smellie CRO

Works with our business team to find revenue opportunities through new concepts and relationships. Occasionally hunts birds (and gophers) on a So Cal golf course.


Alec Hershey Web Developer

Alec is an engineer by day, musician by night, and a happy volunteer for the in between.

Brandon Liles Product Engineer

Web development. Automated deployments to your favorite cloud hosting provider. Brandon knows it all.

Douglas Phillips Product Engineer

Doug has worked with every web platform and relationship database out there for 20 years. He's our Jack of all trades.

Johannes Fahrenkrug Product Engineer

Johannes has been writing iOS apps since 2008. He co-authored the book ``Objective-C Fundamentals`` and enjoys brewing his own beer.

Justin Lettau Developer

Justin is a detail oriented full stack engineer with a focus on web and mobile applications.

Max Hershey Product Engineer

Who made computer games at age 14? Max did. Now he's content providing business solutions with software and escaping Cleveland.

Mike Perret Product Engineer

Our budding lounge singer extraordinaire who dreams in C#.

Matthew Niehues Product Engineer

Emerged from Arkansas with a Macbook and a Thinkpad. Matthew believes in no frills, no spills, bang-for-your-buck, every-client-happy-all-the-time app dev.

Paul Bredenberg Product Engineer

Full-stack developer, designer, and illustrator with a varied range of technical experience. He lives in upstate New York, not terribly far from the idiomatic Big Apple.

Jamie Austin Product Engineer

Develops software for industry-leading organizations. Jamie is a natural hometown foodie from New Orleans.

Jared Livingston Product Engineer

Tells computers what to do. Started with BASIC and has now mastered C#, JavaScript and SQL. Addicted to fixing coding bugs.

Matthew Homa Product Engineer

Matthew is a front-end developer and designer out of San Diego, CA.


Nikita Abraham Product Designer

Nikita is a product designer who believes that “building empathy for a user” is a way of life. As a Jersey native, she can tell you what a jughandle is and where to get the best local pies. When she’s not designing, she’s working on her comedy routines.

Jonathan Cotton Product Designer

Need some information animated to wow your clients? Cotton is your man. Well, he's our man.

Aaron Kleid Product Designer

Unabashed technophile. Aaron fights for the user, but knows when to shut up. Don't ask Aaron any questions during an Apple Keynote-he is doing research.

Hiromi Matsumoto Product Designer

Hiromi loves creative challenges — anything that involves beautifying, building, making, solving or overcoming obstacles. He's toured in a band, done art installations, produced short films and facilitated maker events. Hiromi currently lives and works in Sacramento, CA with his wife and English Bulldog.

Rob Trahan Product Designer

Rob is a sharply dressed user advocate. He designs digital products.

Marketing & Support

Kelly Shaw Marketing & Support

Folder of fitted sheets. Pointillism master. Obsessed with QA.

Luke Gilbertson QA Testing

Johnathan Foster QA & Ideate Producer

Makes noises and sounds come out of your speakers. Facilitates actions and corresponds with folks.

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