Chrome + IE Tab Multi Extension = Best of Both Worlds!

Part of my job is testing Web based applications for fit and finish; making sure they work as expected and look good.

Ok, so I must admit, I’m a Microsoft fan for my OS of choice. I loved that IE just worked…or so i thought. I had my bookmarks setup the way I loved them and the thought of switching browsers was just not something I looked forward to.

The moment of truth came when I started testing software apps as part of my job. I soon began to notice the speed difference between Chrome and IE. One day, it got so bad I decided to bite the bullet and make the change. Of course, I had to ween myself from IE so I started using both on a regular basis.

Then Chrome released the feature to sync your bookmarks between all your computers, tablets, smart phones, and anything else that will run Chrome. I was madly in love!

I never went back!

Well, almost never.

I found a few sites that just seemed to be inexplicably married to the IE engine so now the pain of remembering which browser for which sites.

One day I was working with one of those IE only sites and I was complaining to an IT guru friend (thanks Bill) and told him I’d give him bonus points if he could make the site work in Chrome. He IM’d back, “Sure, no problem. Just install the IE Tab Multi (Enhance) browser extension for Chrome.”

Tried it, love it!

And the cherry on the ice cream is a slick feature called Auto-URL pattern. Enable it on the options page and insert the URL to your IE only Web pages and voila! Click on your Chrome bookmark to the IE only page in your normal Chrome tab and shazam! It opens the page in an invisible IE iFrame inside the Chrome tab.

Now, let’s see…Google / How do I uninstall IE?

You’re welcome!

PS. Rumor has it they have a similar extension for Firefox…

When not searching for weeds to pull in his non-existent New Mexico lawn, Robert can be found reading requirements documents and translating geekspeak for humans.